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Cherry on top of this Week!!!!!!!

Dear Potluck Bitch…

Found Money!

I recently referred a former co-worker to my compnay for a job openeing that we have… and they have offered him the job… so I get a nice referral bonus Now I need to decide what to do with it! I have wanted to get a Wii for a while (no [...]

You have got to be kidding me!!?!?!

Well it appears 2 months is the longest Potluck Bitch can go without stirring up trouble… and /or being unable to get over the fact that I do not want to be her friend.

Its been a banner week and its only Tuesday. On Friday (while I was out) she sent out an email saying [...]

Go Time! was anti-climatic!!

Last Thursday Potluck Bitch and I had a “meeting” to discuss our issues. Our Manager was also in the meeting. He facilitated. Potluck’s position was basically she is a talker. She wants to talk. Apparently in her 30+ year career she has never met someone that was a [...]

Get in or Get off…. but don’t hold the doors while you finish a conversation!

I was going to post about this last week, but got too busy….then it happened again today.

I work in an office building. We have 8 floors and 4 elevators. Not everyone in the building works for the same agency. One agency may have multiple floors. So last week I got on the elevator [...]

Pink is for Girls… Gray is for Boys?!

My employer is going through a major growth spurt (good thing in these rough economic times)! So the branding is on the upswing…. today we all got shirts (Land’s End polo’s with the company name embroidered on the top corner)… The guys got gray shirts… the gals (of which there are 3) [...]