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#wmata and the Nats...Better figure it out. And soon.

So the Nats had another rain delay last night… about a hour long.  Pretty good game… ended up tied at 4 after the 5th… you know where this is going……….. Metro closes on weeknights at Midnight.  But if you need to switch trains  (and most leaving Navy Yard from a Nats game do) you have [...]

DC Earthquake 2011

It seemed like an ordinary day in DC…. tried a new place for lunch :) 

Was consumed with reading software design documents………. when all of a sudden it sounded like some construction on was going on above our office.  My other office mates and I were like… What is that?  Then the floor started shaking.  I [...]

Review: Bullfeathers

Bullfeathers has always been my go-to for Capitol Hill drinking on a patio when the weather gets nice.  But the food always left a lot to be desired.  Then last winter new ownership took over……. and they remodeled the entire inside and re-did the menu.

I finally stopped in a few weeks ago after a Nats [...]

I WON!!!!!

If you think being selected for a random WMATA bag search is #WINNING

So I’m in la-la land walking to Metro… frantically refreshing my Twitter feed to see what suspension the NHL would hand down to Matt Cooke….. when I notice an official looking vehicle in front of Federal Center SW.  I [...]

Last Summer I wrote to Gov. O'Malley about the #WMATA Board...

I actually received a response this week…. Though it doesn’t really say anything most don’t already know…

Click the image to read the response….. (My original post from August)

Cheverly Metro closes for the Weekend. World does not end.

Remember last spring?  When WMATA floated some suggestions to help bridge their budget problems, and one of the suggestions was to close the Cheverly Metro on weekends?

It’s my opinion that the freak-out that occured after the announcement was overkill, but whatever.  Imagine my surprise then when it was announced that the Entire Orange line would [...]