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I'm a Canes fan!

After 26 Days on the Free Agency open market Alex Semin signed yesterday with the Carolina Hurricanes for 1 year/$7 million.

And while rumors persisted ovet the last few weeks that he was close to signing with the Penguins, and I played that I was happy about it, I am happy that it didn’t [...]

DC.... Hockey Town.

January 1st is notorious for being a big football college bowl day (well… it was until a few years ago when they started spreading them out over a week or two).  Enter the NHL trying to horn in with the Winter Classic.  Last year the Caps played and I hosted an awesome party (even though [...]

Guess who went to Newark and didn't get shot?


So way back late last summer a friend and I were in a bar and looking at the Caps schedule.  Next thing you know we  had tickets to the Dec 23 Caps v Devils game via StubHub (gotta love technology).  The original plan was to drive up and then back right after the [...]

Week 2: by the numbers siberian #tigersemin vs. selfish saskatchewanian

I wasn’t gonna do a post this week since everyone is in happy happy 7-0-0 joy joy land…………..

but then I heard that nails-on-a-chalkboard window commercial this morning…….and remembered the shocking news from the weekend that BL21 had SKIPPED Morning Skate on the morning of the Detroit game – – SHOCKING!!!!!

So its a mini-comparison….

Sasha –

Alexander Semin is [...]

Week 1 - by the numbers siberian #tigersemin vs. selfish saskatchewanian

Disclaimer – Since it apparently wasn’t clear last time…. if you believe this is serious Caps coverage and take it for anything more than the joke that it is you need to get your head examined.

Lots has happened in Caps land since the debut of this series… Matt Bradley stated that he wasn’t going to [...]

Ted's response...

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dateThu, Sep 1, 2011 at 7:43 PM
subjectRe: Former Caps Employees Slamming Alex Semin

Thank you– I will take high road–not talk about ex players– and deal with all issues in a closed door environment.

Alex Semin is a highly valued player on our team; he gets to play [...]