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Verizon FiOS....... Still full of #FAIL

Waaaaaaay back in November the Caps had their first game on CSN+ the channel that the Caps get bumped to if the Wizards have a game at the same time.  For some reason this channel is listed as being in HD on the channel guide (and when its used as MASN2 for NATS games it [...]

Apple waited too long......


Back in January it was FINALLY confirmed that Verizon was getting …. the iPhone.  And I was excited.  Really.  I was.  I had waited what 4 years for this?

I’m eligible for my New Every Two Upgrade on April 19.  And while I wait… I was debating the Droid 2 Global by Motorola along [...]

Verizon FiOS HD FAIL………

Last nights the Caps and Wizards both had a game, so the Caps were pushed to CSN+. 

I wasn’t planning to go to the game, because I had stuff I needed to do around the house (though when reports started rolling in sometime in the afternoon that Cheverly was without power, I was re-evaluating – Luckily [...]

Pearl Jam Mobile App!

I was scrolling thru Twitter this afternoon and saw a tweet from @Pearl Jam announcing a Mobile App for Verizon Tour customers

So I of course stopped what I was doing and downloaded…

1)It’s free

2) You can download select songs from this summers tour

3) Wallpaper for your phone (live shots [...]

Flickr Pro free for a year!

So it was about a year ago that I canceled all Verizon services due to horrific customer service. At the time I was told that I would lose my Flickr Pro account (Verizon + Yahoo! were somehow tied together… and Yahoo! owns Flickr). And for the past year I have been waiting [...]

Verizon can grow grass!!

Verizon may suck at customer service, but they sure can grow grass!

My subdivision is moving forward with FIOS installation and Verizon (or its Contractors ) has been doing work overthe past few weeks. They needed to do some digging and then re-seeded to replace the grass. This picture shows the results, lots of grass is [...]