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Dollhouse … Finally got good!

This past week’s episode of Dollhouse made up for the slow build of the first few episodes. And like any good show of the last few years its aleady been canceled.

I guess there is a chance that another network would pick it up… but I am guessing probably not…So next week’s episode is the [...]

Donna Martin Graduates!

Reminder! Its on again tonight!!

Reminder! Stand Up to Cancer benefit tonight!

Benefit to air at 8pm EST on ABC, NBC, and CBS ( kind of odd FOX isn’t listed).

(The song used in the tv promo’s for the benefit is by Eddie Vedder :P)

Still trying to find something meaningful….

to blog about…

oh I know…

Anderson Coooper — AC360 Rules! But I can’t watch it live anymore since I get up at 4:58am Why did he dye his hair grey/silver?I hate the poll feature on blogger… so leave answers in comments!

A) going grey anywayB) Wanted to look olderC)Wanted to replace Larry KingD)Other

p.s. ross [...]

90210 v2.0…

I am not a TV reviewer. Possible Spoilers and Speculation contained within.


I watched and I am not sure what I was expecting… but this is not the 90210 of my youth. It seems like it may have been a cross between The O.C. and Gossip [...]

Network TV … Fall Premieres begin tonight!

Gossip Girl and Prison Break are both back tonight (in HD!)

The New 90210 premiers tomorrow night. While you wait with baited breath, here is a fun article from the New York Times with the original cast.

also, I keep seeing ads for the new Steven Boccho show on TNT (Raising the Bar)… Looks like it could [...]