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WMATA’s Latest Embarrassment…

Last week was a banner one for WMATA….

Trash fire that closed down Gallery Place and Metro Center for a period of time.

A fire truck collided with a metrobus.… around the same time.

And the crowning jewel…. that came out DURING a WMATA Board meeting….. the maker of the SmarTrip cards will no longer sell [...]

Maybe SmarTrip should get Starbucks to handle their web development??

About a year ago Starbucks introduced a new rewards program…. of the type where you pay $25 for a years membership and you get a percentage off each purchase, plus free stuff. If you go there nearly everyday like me… its totally worth it (maybe not worth it for Starbucks… they discontinued it) [...]

Starbucks Ettiquette….

I stop at Starbucks every morning after getting off the Metro. I need my Latte… especially if it looks like there may be Drama in the office.

Way back when I was getting into the office around 7am I rarely noticed what I am getting ready to rant about, probabaly because it was so early, there [...]

Reason 574 I’ll be happy to be back on the Sauce tomorrow!

Coffee may protect against oral cancer!!!

#20 Complete – No Starbucks for a week!

Even I can’t believe I finished this one so soon…. but I did have some help with the Holidays

I usually go to Starbucks every weekday when I get off the Metro in SW DC, and on weekends if I am out somewhere that there is a Starbucks… like a mall.

So last Wednesday [...]

Vote on the 4th… Free Coffee from Starbucks!

Free Tall Coffee, if you tell them you voted!