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WMATA’s Latest Embarrassment…

Last week was a banner one for WMATA….

Trash fire that closed down Gallery Place and Metro Center for a period of time.

A fire truck collided with a metrobus.… around the same time.

And the crowning jewel…. that came out DURING a WMATA Board meeting….. the maker of the SmarTrip cards will no longer sell [...]

Baby steps….

Today WMATA introduced what can only be seen as the first step to be able to finally add value to your SmarTrip card online. 

Be warned… it is tedious.  They want a lot of information and once registered you can only see your balance or report the card lost or stolen.

Did you previously register your card [...]

Maybe SmarTrip should get Starbucks to handle their web development??

About a year ago Starbucks introduced a new rewards program…. of the type where you pay $25 for a years membership and you get a percentage off each purchase, plus free stuff. If you go there nearly everyday like me… its totally worth it (maybe not worth it for Starbucks… they discontinued it) [...]

WMATA vs Driving

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work some overtime (aka bill extra hours aka buy more shoes!).

Orange line was of course single tracking (hey its the weekend!). So I decided to drive to my office. Mapquest put it at an approximate 20 minute drive. Metro usually takes me 30 Minutes. With [...]

SmarTrip Card….. not so smart

I have officially been commuting 100% using SmarTrip as my means of fare payment for the last 5 days (2 days last week I used my SmarTrip for bus, and Monthly MARC pass for rail).

I must admit I like the ease of use…. just tap the card to the SmarTrip reader, no need to even [...]

The Silver SmarTrip saga continues!!!!

I was checking my online account this am….$4.25 was deducted for parking…. If I had used the SmarTrip card it would have been $8.25….

what a waste of money for the SmartTrip card. Oh well now I know…

Lesson Learned Metro and SmarTrip suck!!