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Ok Look... MTV Americanizes an Awesome British Show...

And I won’t be watching…
This past weekend I caught up on my DVR’d MTV series (Jersey Shore and the latest round of Road Rules/Real World Challenge – Sorry I just don’t get the Teen Mom thing… probably due to my aversion to kids).

Anyway.. I was plowing thru … halfway paying attention when I noticed this….

I [...]

Wii + Netflix = Awesome.

About a year ago I got a Wii when they went on sale.  Sometime around then I also hopped on the Netflix wagon (mainly to watch old 21 Jump Street episodes). I’m not really a big movie person… in fact we have an ongoing joke in my office that people can’t talk about The Matrix [...]

Skins – season 3 – starts tonight on BBC America!


Ever since Footballers Wives wrapped up on BBC America a while ago, I have been waiting for a new British series to draw me in… and looks like I finally found it.