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Too Similiar!?!?!?

I already own these…..

And these showed up in my inbox via ShopItToMe…

First Shoe Purchase of the Year!!!

Majorly on sale – Thanks Shop-it-to -me alerts!!!

Article…. #best09

Do blog posts count as an article?

This was an old post that I stumbled across while searching for something else…

A Woman’s Right to Shoes…

From my favorite episode of Sex and the City…. ever!

“The fact is sometimes it is hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes, that’s why we need really special ones now and [...]

Why get shoes… when you can get Booties!!!!

My latest want

Shoes.. Shoes… Shoes!!!!

My ShopItToMe email alert delivered these to my Inbox this AM….

I want them BAD! But I am trying to restrain myself to see if the price comes down a bit more….

Welcome September….

I am celebrating the cooler temps by breaking out these shoes for the first time ….