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Running: Outside vs Inside.

I do most of my runs indoors on a treadmill because my neighborhood is hilly.  Not just gentle rolling hills, steep inclines that I want no part of.  I even trained for my half marathon (and before that a 10 Miler) using the treadmill… and its pretty fun when you hit 99:59 on the timer [...]

13.1 Done.

After last years Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, I briefly considered adding a Half-marathon to my runing goal list… but then pushed it to the bakc of my mind…. due to the arrival of Summer! (aka… where I watch baseball, not run in crazy humid weather).

As Summer turned into Fall, and the [...]

As hope for an NHL season Fades Fast..........Lets Train for a Half Marathon!

As I try to follow KHL games from half way across the globe…. I have been searching for some races of decent distance to train for so I have some structure to my week… because Mow Leaves – Sit on Couch – gets boring after a while…

Last week I started looking… and aside [...]

Complete #74 - 10 Miler

Well… I did it.  My training was not going as well I would have hoped.  But I was going to run this race or die trying.

Slated for a 7:30am start… I later found that they start you in waves….. I was suppoed to be in teh wave that started at 7:53am…. so my [...]

10 Miler Training Update....

The Cherry Blossom 10 Miler is in less than a month…. and my training is not going as well as planned.

I started off ok… and my weekday running is going OK (this week non-with standing… 3 Home Caps games and a Black Keys concert will do that to you…. plus the St Patricks Day 8k [...]

Disappointed in Komen's Decision....

Background here. And here.

I usually run the National Race for Cure in DC in June….. after this…. no more.

Instead… I’ll donate the cost of the race entry ($45) directly to Planned Parenthood. You too can can donate here.

I’m donating in the name of the moronic congressperson (Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Fla.) that opened the inquiry that [...]