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Security Breach!

I work at a semi-secure building in downtown DC. Multiple tenants, some floors are more secure then others (one tenant on another floor even has their own security team… and when I was walking around the floor looking for the Suite where the Notary that I was referred to by the concierge [...]

Orange line train derails!

Expect Major delays ! (Though WMATA failed to send out an alert about this!)

Coupled with the MARC heat problems I expect I am in for the commute from HELL!

Usually it takes me 1 hour 15 minutes door to door in the evening!

How long do you think it will take me today?

Same – 1 hr 15 [...]

Where’s my Rebate?!

Wondering where yours is? Check out this nifty chart!

What are you planning to do with your tax rebate?

Save It!
Spend It!
Pay off Debt!
A combo of the above!

NKOTB on Today!

New Kids on the Block to Appear on Today Show

Eeek! They are reuniting!! If they do a real tour I may have to buy tickets (my luck it will be the same date as one of my Pearl Jam shows :P)

Would you go to an NKOTB reunion concert?

Hangin’ Tough (Yep)
I am over it! [...]

Entry for January 27, 2008

Yay!! My taxes are done

What should I use my refund for?

New kitchen countertops
New Refrigerator
Electric fireplace

Entry for January 28, 2008

The Washington Post had a story this morning about “Do-it -yourself” clinics at Home Depot.

I followed a link inside the story and found a clinic for changing a bathroom faucet, later in February. This would fit nicely with my plans to make some cosmetic changes in the guest bathroom (replacing the mirror and light fixtures).

If [...]