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2009 Nobel Peace Prize Winner!



How low will the Republican’s sink?? Shouting “Liar” during a joint session of Congress … and we are barely 9 months in to the Obama administration.

Regardless, President Obama rose above and delivered a succinct and moving speech, free of incorrect grammar, winks, and “thumbs up”…… Change Indeed!

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This sums it up nicely…

I have debated for a few days what to write, if anything. Basically I am just really happy. I feel like a horrible weight that has been building during the last 8 years has been lifted from my shoulders. I cry tears of joy when I watch this….

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The first to know?! Um not really!

By now I am sure you had heard about Barack Obama’s plan to announce his VP nominee via text message, and if you signed up you would be the first to know! ( After Obama and the actual choice… I guess :P)

I of course signed up!

Here is how it all unfolded for me this past [...]