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Complete #42 - Get HVAC Serviced

I live in an old house.  About 70 years old.  The furnace is old.  Not sure if it is original… don’t think so since at point the house used Oil Heat.

About a year a go … one of the group buying sites had a deal to get the HVAC inspected and cleaned.  I bought it.  [...]

Complete #44 - Replace floodlight bulb

When I first moved in (almost 2 years ago!) The gutters were in horrible shape.  In fact one was hanging off the rear addition…

I finally replaced the gutters last fall and was finally ready to replace the lightbulb for the floodlight that the old gutters had been blocking.

I trotted out my trusty 6 ft ladder, [...]

Goodbye Minty Green.... Hello Red Polka Dots!

When I moved into my old but new to me house back in Summer 2009…. the upstairs bathroom was painted a Minty Green.  Not horrible.  I could live with it for the short term… I even had a shower curtain and towels that would match.

Then in the fall of 2009 my sister and I [...]

Not Complete #42- Install Programmable thermostat

A few weeks ago I enrolled in Pepco’s Energy Wise Rewards program.  Basically there are two options…1) you can choose to have a programmable thermostat installed to cycle the AC or 2) choose to have a small device installed directly on the outside AC unit which will force the cycle.

I went with option 1.  Today [...]

I need a list!

After I first moved in to my old-but-new-to-me house last summer I busted out of the gate pretty quickly with picking and getting my first major project completed (replacing all the windows and venting the clothes dryer to the outside). 

With the help of my parents and my awesome lopper, I got some major yard work [...]

Lawn Update...

After 2 weeks I have real grass. I must admit, I am surprised it came in so well. I wish I had taken a before shot of this part of the driveway, so you could see the dramatic difference. Now I have a few more spots to try….