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Complete #56 - Drive to H St NE

If you know me IRL, you know that I rarely drive to Virginia or DC….. I take the Metro everywhere mainly for 2 reasons…. people around DC drive like crazy people ….. and I hate parallel parking.

So when I made my new list I decided to add some DC driving to it in order to [...]


Something seriously went wrong here….

I don’t usually commute via the Red line. But whoa. Watching a press conference. General Manager Catoe seems to be vehement that the trains were not single tracking.

I was in SW DC when this happened (at happy hour!) and was actually in a place with a TV tuned [...]

But you’ll only know about it if you’re with Verizon.

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Track Work != Derailment

Dear Metro — what is so hard to understand about this concept??

This is the second time in 3 years that I have been commuting via Metrorail, that your email alert system has sent out vague communication in regards to a MAJOR delay, caused by a derailment.

Exhibit A….back when this happened, Metro sent out alerts warning [...]

Have you ever seen this on the Metro?

Fellow DC blogger Metro Man featured this on his blog today…I couldn’t help but spread the humor.

The real fun starts @ 3:03