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Since we last left Melrose Place…

Looks like I may be getting out just in time!

Regular readers may remember that I am still on the Board of Directors for my Condo’s HOA. Earlier this week we got the summary of letters that were mailed out to various owners (for whatever by-laws they were violating :P). There was only one. [...]

It is on B*tch!

And the fun continues…

I knew the HOA meeting last month went too smoothly. It was actually the best one ever!Anyway aside from BOD members (of which I am still one:P) 4 owners showed, including resigned BOD member (hereafter referred to as B). She was actually quiet throughout most of the meeting as we did our [...]

Do these flowers look fake to you?

Specifically the pink and blue. (The green azalea is real :P). This is what I came home to yesterday. Up until that time, we had normal colored pansies (thought they were looking a bit dry… but not dead). Upon further inspection all the pansies at all 4 of the [...]

HOA – Update!

when we last left the saga the HOA had just terminate dthe Management Company’s contract.

Before we did this we were told by the new Mgmt Co that regular owners should not notice any trouble and the only difference would be improved service! We (BOD members) were mainly concerned with owners being able to use the [...]

HOA – Implosion!

Remember this fun post?

Well the implosion is complete! Way back in August a new person that was also questioning the way some things were being done joined the board are started requesting all kinds of documents….

The property manager didn’t want to give them to her (which was [...]

Verizon can grow grass!!

Verizon may suck at customer service, but they sure can grow grass!

My subdivision is moving forward with FIOS installation and Verizon (or its Contractors ) has been doing work overthe past few weeks. They needed to do some digging and then re-seeded to replace the grass. This picture shows the results, lots of grass is [...]