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Verizon FiOS....... Still full of #FAIL

Waaaaaaay back in November the Caps had their first game on CSN+ the channel that the Caps get bumped to if the Wizards have a game at the same time.  For some reason this channel is listed as being in HD on the channel guide (and when its used as MASN2 for NATS games it [...]

Verizon FiOS HD FAIL………

Last nights the Caps and Wizards both had a game, so the Caps were pushed to CSN+. 

I wasn’t planning to go to the game, because I had stuff I needed to do around the house (though when reports started rolling in sometime in the afternoon that Cheverly was without power, I was re-evaluating – Luckily [...]

Nats (NOT) in HD.... why MASN2 and FIOS are both to blame....

Everyone knows things broadcast on TV (especially sports) look better in HD.  And once you view something in HD it is impossible to go back to non-HD viewing (without thinking the picture looks like crap).  If you live in the DC/Baltimore Metro area you should know at least a bit of the backstory of how [...]

Verizon can grow grass!!

Verizon may suck at customer service, but they sure can grow grass!

My subdivision is moving forward with FIOS installation and Verizon (or its Contractors ) has been doing work overthe past few weeks. They needed to do some digging and then re-seeded to replace the grass. This picture shows the results, lots of grass is [...]

Entry for September 26, 2007

One step closer to FIOS!!

Last night I had an HOA meeting… and Verizon (contractors) came to make their FIOS Presentation! Board voted to proceed. Looks like Verizon needs to survey the site to find the best way to get FIOS into the buildings. 2 options – 1 terminal mounted to the side of each building [...]

Entry for August 01, 2007

Yay!! One step closer to FIOS installation!

Verizon laid the cable at the end of March along the main road leading to my subdivision. Last night I had my HOA meetinng and FIOS installation was on the agenda (Because I put it there! :P). Once Verizon begins officially offering the service they will need [...]