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DC Earthquake 2011

It seemed like an ordinary day in DC…. tried a new place for lunch :) 

Was consumed with reading software design documents………. when all of a sudden it sounded like some construction on was going on above our office.  My other office mates and I were like… What is that?  Then the floor started shaking.  I [...]

WMATA’s Latest Embarrassment…

Last week was a banner one for WMATA….

Trash fire that closed down Gallery Place and Metro Center for a period of time.

A fire truck collided with a metrobus.… around the same time.

And the crowning jewel…. that came out DURING a WMATA Board meeting….. the maker of the SmarTrip cards will no longer sell [...]

On Twitter and in DC? Why you must follow DCFIREEMS….

It’s no secret I am a huge fan of Twitter.  I use it to pass time while I wait for metro, to keep up with current events, and sometimes just plain silliness.

I’ve been following DC Fire and EMS for a few months and they provide a wealth of info and sometimes humor all [...]

Approaching 30,000 miles….

Not this car!

Yesterday I got a piece of mail about my 2007 VW telling me its time to schedule an appointment for 30,000 mile scheduled maintenance. Too bad my car is only approaching 19,000 miles (even more amazing since I bought the dealer model that had about 7,000 miles on it :P)

Bought in Oct 2007 [...]

WMATA Board of Directors ....

is useless.  NTSB pretty much confirmed it last week as they presented their findings for last summers Red Line crash.

Today the Examiner further drove the point home with their article about board members not attending meetings…

They need to go….. implode the current board!  Get board members that actually ride [...]

Baby steps….

Today WMATA introduced what can only be seen as the first step to be able to finally add value to your SmarTrip card online. 

Be warned… it is tedious.  They want a lot of information and once registered you can only see your balance or report the card lost or stolen.

Did you previously register your card [...]