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We have trees.

Review: Busboys & Poets

Another restaurant in the Hyattsville Arts District has opened.  This time its a member of regional DC chain Busboys &  Poets…. All (most?) of Cheverly rejoices

Busboys serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during the week, and Brunch/Dinner on the weekends.  This is huge.  They also have a full bar.

A few friends and I went [...]

Review: Fratelli

Cheverly is a small town.  So small, they basically only have 1 full service restaurant.  Fratelli’s is it.  Its located just off of Rt 202 (at 295).  As I approch my 2 year anniversary as a Cheverly Resident it appeasr word got out that I had never been to Fratelli’s ( I think the town [...]

Cheverly Metro closes for the Weekend. World does not end.

Remember last spring?  When WMATA floated some suggestions to help bridge their budget problems, and one of the suggestions was to close the Cheverly Metro on weekends?

It’s my opinion that the freak-out that occured after the announcement was overkill, but whatever.  Imagine my surprise then when it was announced that the Entire Orange line would [...]

PG County gets the Holy Grail!

The Big Day finally arrived last Sunday.  Wegmans opened in Woodmoore.  I did not go

I had been to the Wegmans in Hunt Valley MD, a few years ago… and thought yeah they had a good produce section, but I don’t buy much produce because it usually goes bad before I can eat it.  [...]

Cheese with your wine?

So I almost did a post about this subject last week, but I got busy with other stuff and kinda forgot about it.

Until last evening. When another post that sparked my ire came across the neighborhood listserv.

A few months ago Cheverly unveiled their latest weapon in the war on crime. A portable speed [...]