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Some people have summer houses…..

And apparently Madison has a winter litter box and a summer litter box.  When we first moved in Madison was relegated to having her box in the 3rd bedroom because I wasn’t sure how she was going to react to 3 floors and I knew I didn’t want a litter box on the 1st floor.  [...]

Most expensive cat gate ever!

When I first moved in there was about a 10 inch space between the oven and the wall.

A first I didn’t think much of it, but shortly I heard a banging coming from the oven. At first I thought it was something if this variety….but then I figured out it was just Madison.

So I pulled [...]

The bad side effect from house showings…

This is how Madison was spending her time during the times people came to look at my condo. She was in a cat cave, created out of my decorative pillows (that I rarely used before this… ie only when I was having company). So now she is in the habit of sleeping on [...]

Madison…. your heart may go on!

If you outlive me!!!!

#63 – Complete – Trim Madison’s nails once a week for a month.

I adopted Madison about 5 years ago and she is not de-clawed. When I first got her… I could not even imagine trimming her nails myself. I could barely hold a paw! So every few months I would take her to PetSmart to get her nails trimmed. But it got to [...]

Madison is social!

The image above is what Madison looks like whenever anyone comes over to my house….she runs and hides… She has done this ever since I got her (about 4.5 years ago!).

Last night I had friends over for pizza and a movie…

About an hour into the movie Madison popped up on the couch! It [...]