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Back Where it Belongs :)

It only took 2 weeks…

When we last left the saga…I was waiting for the dealer to call on Monday. They of course did not call… I had to call. (They were supposed to get details from the factory on when the part was supposed to ship.) They put me on hold “to [...]

There is a saying that how you spend New Year’s Eve…

Is how you will spend the entire year. Which if its true, does not bode well for my car situation

My Car in happier times

Christmas Night I left my Aunt’s (In Bel Air) and went to my car… there was some condensation on the windows, so I lowered them all, and [...]

Entry for September 24, 2007 – Take 2

The results of Car Shopping 2007 are in!

With the Car Window Situation gradually deteriorating I decided it was now or never to take the plunge so that I could get the best trade in value for Fritz II. I hadn’t used the windows at all since the 2nd incident, so I crossed my fingers and [...]

Entry for September 17, 2007

Update on the car window situation

I have been using the driver’s side window- putting it up before I turn the car off. So this morning I put the passenger side window about half way down to clear away the overnight moisture….. and let’s just say I had a lttle trouble getting the window back up [...]

Entry for September 13, 2007

Yesterday I got off the train and was ready to drive home, opened up the car, put the top down and thought I put the front windows down. The passenger side window went down, but the driver side window wouldn’t budge! Since the MARC parking lot is a mess at that time of day, I [...]

Entry for September 05, 2007

Whatever I end up buying in the coming weeks, won’t be my first new car, but this is good advice none-the-less.