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Pearl Jam Mobile App!

I was scrolling thru Twitter this afternoon and saw a tweet from @Pearl Jam announcing a Mobile App for Verizon Tour customers

So I of course stopped what I was doing and downloaded…

1)It’s free

2) You can download select songs from this summers tour

3) Wallpaper for your phone (live shots [...]

Even my mom can’t outrun technology!

I thought my happiest moment was when I got my mom to sign-up for a Yahoo! email account (she had avoided it for years… but finally succumbed maybe 4 years ago)….

I hate talking on the phone… to anyone (really its not Personal :P). I possibly hate it more than I hate Potluck Bitch. [...]

Must Have Apps for your BlackBerry!

Two of my friends have recently joined the CrackBerry train… so I thought I would give a run down of my favorite must have applications for your BlackBerry…

1)TwitterBerry – If you Tweet… TwitterBerry is a must!

2) Facebook for BlackBerry… this speaks for itself

3)Viigo – this is basically an RSS reader… you can [...]

I’m published!

I have had my BlackBerry Pearl for about a year… and if you know me you know I am never without it (because i’m addicted to it ). I take pics with it of random things… like Macy’s Birthday Cupcakes, my lunch, or my cat. I blog with it. I Tweet [...]

I have succumbed to Facebook!

Just what my Addictive Personality needs

(and I can access it on my BlackBerry!)

Off to Atlantic City!

If something interesting happens (or I win big!) I will blog or tweet as long as my friends do not hide my BlackBerry