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I'm a Canes fan!

After 26 Days on the Free Agency open market Alex Semin signed yesterday with the Carolina Hurricanes for 1 year/$7 million.

And while rumors persisted ovet the last few weeks that he was close to signing with the Penguins, and I played that I was happy about it, I am happy that it didn’t [...]

How I won my Fantasy Hockey League.


You can achieve anything if you believe in it enough……..

and so leading up to my league’s draft… I did one thing…Set up Alexander Semin to be drafted 1st for my team and then set the rest to Auto-Draft based on Yahoo’s rankings.

Later I checked my team… and I was happy to [...]

Week 1 - by the numbers siberian #tigersemin vs. selfish saskatchewanian

Disclaimer – Since it apparently wasn’t clear last time…. if you believe this is serious Caps coverage and take it for anything more than the joke that it is you need to get your head examined.

Lots has happened in Caps land since the debut of this series… Matt Bradley stated that he wasn’t going to [...]

Complete #53 - Meet Alex Semin

I’ve been waiting for CapsCon since April 2011 (that’s when we bought our tickets!) And after Tampa I didn’t think it would ever get here…. but yesterday was finally the big day! I had 2 missions… 1) Get in Sasha’s Autograph line and 2) Get my picture taken with Sasha. The picture was [...]

Ted's response...

Reply |WashingtonCaps@aol.com to me
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dateThu, Sep 1, 2011 at 7:43 PM
subjectRe: Former Caps Employees Slamming Alex Semin

Thank you– I will take high road–not talk about ex players– and deal with all issues in a closed door environment.

Alex Semin is a highly valued player on our team; he gets to play [...]

An Open Letter to Ted Leonsis.

dateThu, Sep 1, 2011 at 2:00 PM
subject: Former Caps Employees Slamming Alex Semin

Hello Ted -

I hope you are having a good summer.

I am writing today, because I am getting increasingly frustrated by a situation within the Washington Capitals that I feel is escalating quickly out of control.  I thought it began a few weeks ago [...]