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2009 Year End Assessment….

I tried to stick w/ the 31 #best09 prompts… but just didn’t have enough time….. Damn you full-time job

I swiped this from R last year…. so here we go again….

Where did you begin 2009?Decided to sell my condo, and my car had been in the shop for a week.

Were you [...]

Underwear bomber….. PLZ!!!!

Forget the Una-Bomber….

Now we got the Fruit-o-the-Loom-Bomber…


Jockey -Bomber?

Tightie-Whitey – Bomber?


We’re all gonna die (eventually).

I’m surprised the WMATA Metro hasn’t been blown up yet… there is plenty of opportunity. MARC train too.

There are a ton of unstable people in the land. You cannot put your life on hold and cower to the threats. [...]

Post – Snowpocalypse 2009

This was my first major snowstorm as a house owner… and here is what I learned….

1)Don’t back the car all the way back in the driveway. If I had followed what others were doing I would have noticed they were parking as close to the sidewalk as possible… so they would have the least amount [...]

Snowpocalypse ’09

It’s Coming!!!!

Pearl Jam at Philadelphia Spectrum – 10/30/2009

This show start to finish was amazing. It may be my favorite all time….even counting when I was front row center back in 2000 @ Merriweather

The drive up to Philly from DC was not bad… considering it was Friday traffic (Special thanks to EZ-PASS!!!! and my Navigation System…. though DC to Philly is [...]

By 2AM on Saturday Night….

Pearl Jam began their 4 date close-out of Philly’s Spectrum on Tuesday night, and by Wednesday morning message boards were filled with topics like “Saturday until 2AM…” . It seems Ed Vedder made a comment that by 2AM Saturday night they will have played every someg they know! So teh speculation started … [...]