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Complete - #3 Replace awning over front door

Below you can see the bane of my existence …. The horrific metal awning perched above my front door.  The main problem wasn’t with its appearance, but because of the slope of the awning the storm door would bang into it when it was opened more than half way.  I am still in [...]

Complete #54 Replace Garage Doors

Ugliest garage door ever?  Maybe…. maybe not. But it was on the most rickety rusted out track system (I seriously thought it was destined to crash down on me).  Oh… and the garage had no power… so I was heaving that thing up…. for the past 3 years.

Last weekend I had power run [...]

Complete - #1 Take a Class

So this class kind of fell into my lap. It’s for a very specialized and specific area of testing for software and web applications used by Federal agencies.  Apparently there are 2 tests involved. The first test is given at the end of Day 1 and you have to pass that test in order to get [...]

Complete #15 – Buy a New Sofa

I have been wanting a new couch for about a year now.  My old was approaching 10 years old… and Madison had destroyed that matching arm chair (well not destroyed… but it had definitely seen better days).  So I started looking online at the major players.. Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, [...]

Complete #42 - Get HVAC Serviced

I live in an old house.  About 70 years old.  The furnace is old.  Not sure if it is original… don’t think so since at point the house used Oil Heat.

About a year a go … one of the group buying sites had a deal to get the HVAC inspected and cleaned.  I bought it.  [...]

Complete 98, 99 & 100 - Clean-out Master Closet, Chest of Drawers, and Bureau

Yesterday I found myself with some extra time on my hands and a The Tudors marathon on BBCAmerica.  So I decided to clean.  Specifically clean out clothes that are too big for me.  And since I am a procrastinator at heart I started cleaning out my jewely armoire.first.  Then I did Shoes and Handbags in [...]