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#wmata and the Nats...Better figure it out. And soon.

So the Nats had another rain delay last night… about a hour long.  Pretty good game… ended up tied at 4 after the 5th… you know where this is going……….. Metro closes on weeknights at Midnight.  But if you need to switch trains  (and most leaving Navy Yard from a Nats game do) you have to leave earlier and budget enough time …. 11pm is my target time when leaving a Nats night game (but thats because I usually walk to Cap South).

Anyway …. around 11pm Twitter started with the ” is Metro staying open?” question.  No answer from the official @wmata twitter acount….

So obviously the answer was No. 

Apparently the Nats need to put down a $29000 deposit for wmata to stay open for an extra hour.  Then a portion of that is refundable based on how long the metro actually stays open.

For some reason that I cannot figure out WMATA doesn’t understand that if they communicated better, people that use their services can plan and be prepared.

For example – there was an 8pm Sunday game against the Phillies on the schedule in May.  If you figure 3 hours for a ballgame, you know its ending right around the 11pm Danger Zone.  So … planner me tried to contact WMATA for a week before the game, to ask if they were stying open late.  No answer numerous times.  Finally the day before the game, they indicated … nope…. not staying open. Well awesome.  So around 10:30 I started clock watching….as others must have too…. cause around 10:45 the exodus started….I had one eye on the clock… one eye on the out situtation (it was close to what could be the end of the game… maybe 8th?).  And then right before 11…. message flashed on the scoreboard…… WMATA was staying open for an extra hour.  No one could mention this an hour earlier?  In usual fashion the game ended soon there after … I was off to Cap South and on a train by 11:30. – - Supposedly the blame on that was on the Nats, cause they decide when to pull the trigger.

So here’s one thats partially on WMATA’s poor communication – remember when the Green line derailed a month or 2 ago, during rush hour, with a Nats game that night?  With L’Enfant quickly turning into a cluster…….. WMATA started telling Nats fans to take Orange and walk from Cap South…. Great idea, right?  Wrong.  There was scheduled track work for that weekend… and the part of the Orange line past Stadium -Armory was shutting down at 10pm…… Luckily someone emerged at WMATA with a brain and cancelled all track work for that weekend, except for on the Green line.

As this train chugs toward the postseason…. hopefully the Nats and WMATA can work together to figure this out… because if your going to promote that fans take WMATA to games… you better have a way to get them home.

Next test…. could be Sunday Sept 23… I saw a randowm tweet a week or 2 ago that said MLB was considering moving that game to 8pm.

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