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Review: 19th


Bought a brunch deal from one of the daily deal sites not named Groupon or Living Social.  Finally used it about 2 weeks ago on a Saturday….

Read some Yelp reviews prior to arriving so I wasn’t expecting much, but how bad could Bottomeless Mimosas /Bloody Marys and a bunch Entree be for $15?

We arrived aound 1:15pm…. Olympic events were playing on the various large screen tvs placed throughout the bar…. I think there were about 6 other people in the bar/dining room, so we sat at the bar.

Ordered the Mimosas………….. and no Orange Juice!  So bottomless mimosas turned into bottomless champagne (sparkling wine)… yes really…. and they were not stingy…. we were there until sometime after 3 the champagne never stopped flowing. :-)

For brunch I ordered a BLT… toast was nice and brown and lots of crispy bacon.  They forgot the potato chips……… but really who cares… unlimited champagne! 


Decent food, nice staff, I’d go back.  It was a nice lesuirely brunch… where my friend and I could talk and not have to scream at each other to try and be heard.

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