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Complete - #1 Take a Class

So this class kind of fell into my lap. It’s for a very specialized and specific area of testing for software and web applications used by Federal agencies.  Apparently there are 2 tests involved. The first test is given at the end of Day 1 and you have to pass that test in order to get an invite to come back for the next 3 days of class.

Leading up to day 1, a few co-workers who had taken the class before were telling me how hard the test was and how no one had been able to pass it before. Day 1 is basically an overview of concepts.  Test is multiple choice.  I passed. 

So I got to go back for 3 more days of class.  It appeared that about 16 of 20 people from the Day 1 class had passed.  Days 2 and 3 were spent on the details of the concepts and applying what we were learning to actual application testing.  So at some point mid way through day 2 we were given review excercises, at which point I asked my first question… “Can I put my head phones in and listen to my iPod?”   To which the instructor responded “Oh… you really are a tester!  Sure go ahead.”

This continued through Day 3 and the morning hours of Day 4.  Then came the final exam… Started around 11am… and you had until 5:30 pm to complete it.  I finished (1st!) around 2:30pm… and rolled out to have a nice late lunch and watch the Nats game.

We were told not to expect our results until a week later as the exams are hand graded.  So there were two ways to pass the exam…. 90% and above you pass and are automatically awarded Trusted Tester Certification.  Or 70%-89% and you pass, but you need to review your test results with an instructor and apply the concepts taught in the course to a project that you are currently working on and present the results to an instructor.

Got my results late last week……… scored 98%. #boom

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