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I'm a Canes fan!

After 26 Days on the Free Agency open market Alex Semin signed yesterday with the Carolina Hurricanes for 1 year/$7 million.

And while rumors persisted ovet the last few weeks that he was close to signing with the Penguins, and I played that I was happy about it, I am happy that it didn’t pan out because while I could have rooted for the Pens as a whole I don’t think I could have rooted for Crosby.

So this is pretty much best case scenario for me…. Semin stays in SouthEast division, which means he plays the Caps 6 times, so I should get to see him at the Verizon Center 3 times next season.  Carolina’s rink is also in car driving road trip distance, and plans are already underway to venture down I-95.

Remember last summer when Matt Bradley declared that Semin didn’t care and wanted to be back in Russia? Yeah.  Not so much.  Oh, has Bradley signed anywhere yet? No? Ok then.

I had held out some hope that Semin would be back with the Caps, until the roster for Caps Dev Camp was announced… and  the Caps went and re-assigned Semin’s number to a prospect.  What a petty low class move.

So the Caps and I are on a break….and that bucket of disposable income will be now be funneled to the Canes.

Is it October yet?

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