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Microburstpocalypse - 2012

Since moving to Cheverly 3 years ago I have dealth with a bat in the house, raccoons in the chimney, shoveling 5 million feet of snow in 1 winter, earthquake, hurricane and now…..a Microburst (basically a tornado without the spinning ).

I settled in Friday evening to watch the first round of the NHL Draft….and around 8pm…. I hear hail start to ping off my chimmney. And then it’s a downpour… crazy wind….power goes out…. back on… out…. back on… then out for good.  :(  Storm lasted about 15-20 minutes.  So I’ve got a phone with about a 50% battery charge.  Following along with the draft via twitter and monitoring the community email list…. reports start coming about trees down all over town.  One report states that Pepco indicates power will be back around 3am… So I am pretty much resigned to just head to bed at this point. But then twitter tels me that the Sandusky jury has reached a verdict… so I stay up for that and then head to bed.

Luckily the rain drove out the humidity and cooled off the house… so I wasn’t miserable without AC. Fell asleep… and was awoke about an hour later (around 11:30pm) to a continuous beeping.  At first I got excited that the power was back on….but then realized it wasn’t.  Grabbed my flashlight to investigate.  Wasn’t the CO2 detector.  Wasn’t the smoke detector.  It was the FiOS box backup battery alarm.  Shut it off.  Headed back upstairs to try and go back to sleep, but was on edge from alarm and it was starting to warm up on the 2nd floor… so I headed downstairs to sleep on the.  Then I remebered my laptop had some battery life… shoved a movie (Singles) in and drifted in and out for sleep for 2 hours…. that ended an I put PJ20 on… that lasted for about an hour before the battery died.  It was maybe 4am by this point… still no power.  6am I gave up hope… 6:30 I took a shower and then headed to Panera to recharge my phone and laptop and some awesome people watching.

I was there about 2 hours… (ran into some friends from town who were also borrowing some electricity).

Headed home to try and take a nap.  Didn’t work very well….went out to cleanup the fallen branches that were all over my backyard.  Grabbed my iPod and went upstairs to do some cleaning….Settled in to try and make some progress on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which I think I have been trying to read since November. Reports from Pepco indicated the powere would be back by 10am……….. Monday.  Kill me know!!

Decided to try another nap.  Then I headed to Franklins for some dinner, phone recharging and Nats watching. This was exciting because my friend had warned me that part of 202 that I needed to get to Hyattsville was closed…. I went to get on 295 to take it to 450… but got on Southbound by mistake… which was actually better, because I could see the exit to 450 from 295NB was all backed up. Got to Franklin.  Ate.  Charged phone.  Then saw reports that Pepco said the power would be back by 7:30pm…….. Rejoice!  It was about 8pm…. so I headed home….. to a powerless house…….. and a live band playing up the street.  At this point I knew I was in hell…. I was tired, cranky and being forced to listen to some awful music (later found out it was a wedding reception at the American Legion).  Then Pepco said the power should by back at 10pm……….. it did finally come on around 11pm…. and stayed on.  Hooray.

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