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Week 24: by the numbers siberian #tigersemin vs. selfish saskatchewanian

One more week in the regular season to go…..and its coming down to the wire… right now Caps are barely hanging on to the 8th (and final) seed in the East.

The week that was  -

Sasha -

Had 2 SO goals (at least one of which can have the argument made that it kept the Caps post season hopes alive); and has been playing well on both ends of the ice. (oh… and he also helped me win my Fantasy Hockey League).

75 GP; 20 G; 32 A; +8; 56 PIM; 31 Hits; 37 GvA; 52 TkA; 9.1% FOW  <–  More As than Gs?  Sasha Cares about helping his mates :-)

Laich -

Didn’t drop the gloves with anyone.. so there is that. Otherwise I didn’t pay attention to him……..

80 GP; 15 G; 23A; -11; 34 PIM; 117 Hits; 30 GvA; 52 TkA; 47.8% FOW

2 comments to Week 24: by the numbers siberian #tigersemin vs. selfish saskatchewanian

  • SeminIsGreat

    Agreed, Laich has been invisable of late and Sasha has been playing really well, actually trying to save the Caps’ season single handedly (it seems). Given Laich’s bloated salary, it looks like he would step it up when the team needs him. I guess we know who really cares about this team!

  • michelle

    well… that is basically the point of this excercise. Laich wanted to get paid (which is fine)… but when you act one way before you get paid.. and another after getting paid (skipping morning skate…. popping up at Dev Camp, etc)… then I get to label you as fake and selfish. :-)

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