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Week 21: by the numbers siberian #tigersemin vs. selfish saskatchewanian

Can you believe its Week 21 already?  Can you believe the Caps are fighting to actually hold on to the 8th seed in the East?

Caps ended the week strong with 2 great back-to back performances….against Boston and Toronto…..

not much seems to be going on off ice…. or I’ve been too busy to notice it … haha.

So its a straight by the numbers this week:

Laich -

69 GP; 11 G; 20 A;  -10; 25 PIM; 104 Hits; 22 GvA; 45 TkA; 49.1% FOW - -at 6.5 million… I think the FOW could be a little better … especially for someone that was being touted as a 1C/2C before signing that ridiculous contract last summer… and that Minus 10 lookw pretty awful too…. Also… Laich got 3 goals last week… but no Assists… weird for someone that is Centering Ovi’s Line…. hmmmmmm.

Semin -

65 GP; 18 G; 26 A;  +9; 52 PIM; 30 Hits; 33 GvA; 44 TkA;  9.1% FOW  – 1 goal and 2 assists for Sasha this week….and Plus Nine…3rd best on team…..yes the PIM is bad… but it seems to have fixed itself….

Plus look at this picture :-)

(image via Clydeorama)

4 comments to Week 21: by the numbers siberian #tigersemin vs. selfish saskatchewanian

  • SeminIsGreat

    Great! But for some reason everyone has already shipped Sasha off to the KHL (Al Koken, Tarik, etc.)! What gives with that?

  • Danny Jasso

    Laich only makes $4.5M per, never should have been thought of as more than 2C, strength more on 3L. Semin has nice stats, and I honestly hope he stays. He won’t get the $6.7M he makes now though.

    • michelle

      Sorry Danny… the caps frontloaded Laichs contract … he gets 6.5 this year and i think 3.5/4 mill for the remaining years…. he is a 4.5 cap hit though for all years i think ….. (and I don’t think Semin gets 6.7 again either… i’m hoping he does a 3/4 year deal for around 5 mill each ….)

  • Danny Jasso

    Yep, I looked after I posted it. The Cap hit is $4.5 per, but yes, front load in year 1 of $6.5. I know Semin is your guy, but I would be shocked if he got more than 2 yrs. In spite of all that potential, just too inconsistent IMO. So frustrating…

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