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Review: Acadiana - Restaurant Week

Picked Acadiana on the referral of a friend that went last year during Restaurant Week for lunch and raved about it.  The great thing about Acadiana for RW is that they allow you to choose any entree off the main menu (most give you only a few limited choices).

First up… Appetizer…. I was torn…. because I like to always try something new during RW…. SO I was looking at the Turtle Soup…. then I googled and saw that it was actually made with turtle meat (I thought they just threw the shell in the pot (like with the rock soup we made in kindergarden)….eh… not so much.  So I asked the waiter for his opinion.  He said it wasn’t a big draw on the menu…

So I went with Roasted Corn and Crab Soup…YUM


But since we were so curious the waiter said he would bring us a sample.  Not bad… I certainly didn’t feel like I was eating turtle…. it just tasted like a spicy vegetable soup to me… but I am glad I went with the Corn and Crab soup.


Next up entree… I was looking at the shrimp and grits… but ultimately went with the  -blackened tilapia – sweet corn pudding, collard greens with benton bacon, crawfish lemon tabasco butter.  So good.  Haven’t had blackened anything in a while… so this was nice for me.  Can’t go wrong with corn pudding….


Dessert - Gianduja chocolate crème brulee – chocolate crinkle cookie, hazelnut brittle – I love me some creme brulee… and this was no disappointment.


This is a major benefit of working downtown…. can hit up RW options for lunch… which is about $15 cheaper than the dinner option… The only problem is if you have an afternoon meeting…. you may be in a food coma ;)

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