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DC.... Hockey Town.


January 1st is notorious for being a big football college bowl day (well… it was until a few years ago when they started spreading them out over a week or two).  Enter the NHL trying to horn in with the Winter Classic.  Last year the Caps played and I hosted an awesome party (even though I had to keep moving the start time… due to the game being pushed back to 7pm from a 1pm start).

This year the game was moved to the 2nd because the 1st was a Sunday and apparently the NHL didn’t want to compete with the NFL.  Though there were still some college bowl games being played.  Friend and I decided to brave it and try to watch the game at a bar in DC.  We eneded up at Penn Quarter Sports Tavern (PQST)…. arrived around 1:45  for the 3pm start time.   PQST is 2 levels…. we walked in  and the 1st floor was packed… so we headed upstairs….

We snagged 2 seats at the bar (after asking the bartender if he would put the hockey game on).  We actually got him to put the NHL Network pre-game show on…. until 2 football fans showed up behind us and asked for some college game (though the bartender told him they could only have it until 3pm…….) BUT then we noticed the next TV over was playing the Ravens game from Sunday…. so we asked if that could be changed… since it wasn’t live.  Score.

Then some Flyers fans showed up. Then some guys at another table asked for hockey to be put on the TV nearest them also….Then the football people behind us got pissed off and left… Ha!  Then they put one whole wall of TVs on NBC for the #WinterClassic…….. and then… they turned on the sound… without us even having to ask.  Awesomesauce.

Now can someone in this hockey town tell me what the hell is going on with Alex Semin and “The Cut” on his arm??

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