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Complete #42 - Get HVAC Serviced

I live in an old house.  About 70 years old.  The furnace is old.  Not sure if it is original… don’t think so since at point the house used Oil Heat.

About a year a go … one of the group buying sites had a deal to get the HVAC inspected and cleaned.  I bought it.  Since it expires in 2 weeks… I finally scheduled the inspection. :-)

They guy arrived today and the cleaning took about an hour… he even changed my filter! (Good thing I had extra on hand…. i look like such a responsible home owner :P)

Conclusions…. My furnace is older than all get out… this I knew.  But he said nothing is cracked and its in good working order. Luckily he didn’t try to go into the hard sell for other services….. He did recommend changing the thermostat to get rid of the mercury – and I want to do it… and actually I did try to get a programmable one installed by Pepco for free about a year ago… Also recommended…. Yearly service agreement – Pass for now… and Duct Cleaning… which I do need to do and have been wanting to for a while.  Will probably wait for a group buying deal for that … as I have seen a few in the past.

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