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Week 1 - by the numbers siberian #tigersemin vs. selfish saskatchewanian

Disclaimer – Since it apparently wasn’t clear last time…. if you believe this is serious Caps coverage and take it for anything more than the joke that it is you need to get your head examined.

Lots has happened in Caps land since the debut of this series… Matt Bradley stated that he wasn’t going to call out any Caps by name while giving a radio interview and then proceeded to do just that, Development Camp, Training Camp, I wore an Alex Semin jersey to a Pearl Jam show at Air Canada Centre, Caps Con, and the season officially started.

Caps are 4 – 0, with 3 games having gone to OT… which is odd… since I think the Caps have only shown up to play 115 minutes of actual hockey…..

Anyway… back to the point…. Alex Semin and Brooks Laich are banking 6.7 and 6.4 million respectively… lets see how their seasons are stacking up….

First up…….. Laich

original image via @Clydeorama

Told a ridiculous story to the media that he had no clue what to do with a $46k check so he put it in his closet (or glovebox).  Um.  Hello Brooks …. you  don’t know what a bank is??  Please.  Get some new material.  — Minus 10

Painful radio spot hawking windows………. painful because I want to throw my radio across the room whenever I hear it…. — Minus 2

In a quest to actually get new material… stated that he’s sick of hearing about concussions and thinks players are being babysat by the NHL.  I hope he never gets his brain scrambled and has to find out if players are really being babysat……… — Minus 10

On the plus side… Haven’t seen the eternal scowl that seemed to be present last season…. but its early — Plus 5

Stats -  2 Pts, +1, 2 PIMS, 52% FO Won, 8 Hits, GvA -0, TkA – 4  — Plus 5

(i’m using NHL.com for the Stats….)
Next up…. Sasha

Obviously the #wink heard round the world :-) Plus 1000

Interviews….. In English!!! Plus 1000

Semin scored first Caps goal of the season!! Plus 10

Sadly Sasha admitted he doesn’t understand the rules of hockey.  Um. Ok.  — Minus 1000

0% FO Won………. BUT for the one I saw him take (officially taken 2), he didn’t fall down on the ice right after … so it was a WIN in spirit :P — Plus 5

Stats – 3 Pts, Even, 4 PIMS (this helps my fantasy team… so YAY!), 2 Hits, GvA -2, TkA – 2 — Even (I maintain if Sasha was used on the PK he would have more TakeAways……)
In conclusion —

Laich – Minus 12

Sasha – Plus 1015

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