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Review: Graffiato

Graffiato has been the new “must do” in DC…. and I was able 2 get reservations about 3 weeks out from the dining date (for a 6pm table, during the week… not too bad). Met a friend for dinner about a week ago. Walked up amd who was standing in front talking on a cell phone, but the chef himself…. Mike Isabella. Was messing around on my cell while I waited for my friend, and a passerby came up to me and asked me to take his picture with Isabella. Too funny.

My friend arrived and we went inside. Graffiato is 2 stories and the downstairs is all bar. It was packed. And Loud. We went up stairs to be sat. Open kitchen with lots of tables (though I thought they could remove one row of tables… it was a little tight for teh servers trying to get through… and wait until the winter coats come out!

The waiter explained they were small plates to my friend and I each ordered 3 to share… First up – Marinated Olives — citrus, chili, herbs – good but with pitts… avoid if trying to make a good impression on a date :)


Next up - 

Broccolini  – spicy pepper relish, feta.  This was really good.



Striped Bass  – potato, smoked eggplant, pine nut relish.  Awesome.  Really.


Next up - 

Scallops -caramelized parsnip, truffle, pickled apple.  WINNER!! Love me some scallops and love me some parsnip!!!


Next - 

Roasted Potato Gnocchi -  Can’t remember what was in this dish and I don’t think its on the online version of the menu… but it was good.


Finally - 

Polenta  – spicy pork meatballs – -YUM!


For dessert – Nutella Cannoli – I still don’t get the Nutella craze… but these were good … and afterwards I was stuffed :-)


I also tried the Prosecco……… but switched to Peronoi after a glass.

GO!!!! GO!!!! GO!!!  Can’t wait to go back.

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