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Hockey Hall of Fame....

Time to kill in Toronto… means everyone heads to the Hockey Hall of Fame (HHOF). (The fun thing about traveling to different cities for multi-day Pearl Jam shows, is on the 2nd when all the tourists are out exploring, most wear a Pearl Jam tee or other related tee shirt… so you can easily recognize each other…)

Anyway… I wore a Caps tee (so we were pretty incognito from the Pearl Jam crew). As we were buying our admission tix the guy at the ticket booth kept trying to sell us a program… explaining we really needed the map inside. We were like no… we think we can figure it out. The odd thing was after we went in … two guys came up next to buy tickets, and he didn’t try to sell them the program at all…….Guesshe thought we were too foreign…. or too female to navigate the exhibits.


HHOF has A LOT of memoribilia. Lots of NHL. Lots of Team Canada. I think my favorite parts were the international stuff. They also had a Faux Montreal Canadiens dressing room… were you could touch uniforms and equipment. That was fun. It was also fun to see all the trophies. Definitely worth the price of admission.


Oh .. and I was really excited to see these Boston Bruins beer bottles :-)


Went to the gift shop. Bought nothing… though I tried really, really, really hard :)

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