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Review: The Awe Shack

Prior to Hurricane Irene’s arrival on 8/28, my friends and I were supposed to head over to Arundel Mills for some jousting at Medieval Times. The hurricane derailed that but we thought we would be able to have lunch and still fit in our scheduled Mani/Pedi’s before Irene really hit the area.

The Mani/Pedi’s were a FAIL, because the company went out of business, and never called to tell us.

However we ended up at the Awe Shack in Crofton for lunch. Pretty spacious inside, but you order at the counter and then they bring your order to you.

So we got some appetizers….

Hummus: Served with right-out-of-the-tandoor bread – This was good. Love me some Hummus!

Aushak: Afghani handmade ravioli stuffed with seasoned scallions and leeks, topped with a traditional Afghani mint-garlic yogurt dressing, juicy ground sirloin and garnished with a dash of dried cilantro – - This was Awesome!!!!

Then my main event was – Chicken Kabob: chunks of chicken breast seasoned with our illustrious house blends of herbs then flamed to mouth-watering perfection that will leave you in Awe. All Awe-ntrees served atop your choice of white rice, brown rice, or Kabuli rice*, with right-out-of-the-tandoor bread, salata*, and chutney sauce. — This was AWESome also…. whatever they seasoned the chicken with was amazing. It was soooo good. I got the brown rice….. awesome to, as was the chutney sauce.

If I still lived in Odenton, I could see me becoming a regular at this place.

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