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Ted's response...

Reply |WashingtonCaps@aol.com to me
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dateThu, Sep 1, 2011 at 7:43 PM
subjectRe: Former Caps Employees Slamming Alex Semin

Thank you– I will take high road–not talk about ex players– and deal with all issues in a closed door environment.

Alex Semin is a highly valued player on our team; he gets to play lots of minutes; he is one of our highest paid players– he is highly regarded; his numbers in the playoffs are quite strong; if someone would bother to check. We are all in this together with a goal to win a Stanley Cup– we need all of our players focused on that goal. Thanks for caring; Go Caps. Ted

Not really sure this response gives me any warm fuzzies about the situation… but time will tell.  Is it Oct 8th yet?? 

24 comments to Ted’s response…

  • Jenna

    I have warm fuzzies! He values Semin and wrote a whole paragraph defending him. Hopefully the “closed door environment” dealings will involve lessons in how to be professional when addressing the media, and also a wake-up call that some people need to hold themselves more accountable for the Caps’ shortcomings instead of trying to shift the blame to someone who at least puts numbers on the board – “if someone would bother to check” (love that part!).

  • SeminIsGreat

    I’m with you, Jenna. Ted’s response was great and a wonderful defense of Sasha. Does Semin have issues he needs to work on, of course, but so do the other team members. But as Ted said, #28 does put up the numbers! Go Caps!

  • @FedFedRMNB

    I know I’m gonna say something you don’t want to hear, but I’m abolutely agreed with the things Brads, Stecks and Greener said. I have to admit that I used to be a fan of Steckel. As probably the only male reader commenting, I’ve gotta say that Semin doesn’t have enough commitment. He may be a good hockey player, but HE IS NOT A WARRIOR. TRUE warrior. Something which makes sense in the postseason and in the crucial moments of the important games. I decided to check how many PPG does Semin have in game vs the Pens, each of those is a huge test of the team’s performance.
    Semin: vs Pens: 0,63 PPG; vs all teams: 0,90 PPG – pretty serious downgrade, ain’t it?
    Ovechkin, for comparison’s sake: vs Pens: 1,33 PPG, vs all teams: 1,29 PPG.
    You’ve got to perform when matters the most. Semin did it once recently. Arnott stole the puck and set up a one timer for him. Semin didn’t even have to move to get to the puck.

    • SeminIsGreat

      I’m not sure what your point is about the Pens games, but I recall a couple of years ago the Caps played the Pens here a couple of days after a big blizzard. The Caps came from behind to get into overtime and Semin drew a penalty that allowed Ovi to score and win the game. Brooks Orpick was really mad about it because the penality was on him! Also, Semin had his wrist frozen during the 2008 playoffs with the Pens because the same Orpick slashed him trying to keep him from scoring. Sasha got 6 assists that series even with a broken wrist. Sounds like someone who doesn’t care! Also you are forgetting the goal Semin scored against the Rangers in Game 4 this post season to motivate the team to come from behind and win. He worked very hard at poking that puck in the net to lift the team. He was also all over the ice during overtime trying to score the GWG. I guess he just didn’t care? Do you actually watch the games? It doesn’t sound like it.

      • @FedFedRMNB

        That’s too little. I can name a zillion of such cases with Ovi and Backstrom, but only three or four with Semin, who’s been in DC longer than those two!

  • Jenna

    I, too, think that Semin sometimes “doesn’t care” – and I feel that when he DOES care, he is unstoppable. He is probably the most talented player in the world and he can score on demand WHEN HE WANTS TO. However, I don’t think for one minute that he would rather be playing in Russia or that’s where he would be playing.

    That being said, those are just MY opinions and due to the mysterious nature of the man in question, everyone’s (including the owner of this blog) opinions may differ from mine to varying degrees.

    My objection isn’t with the veracity of Bradley’s claims. The problem is that when former players (and former employees, and current players) air the Caps’ dirty laundry in public, it creates the image of a team divided, and it keeps the Caps from presenting a unified, professional front. I live in a division rival’s market (Tampa Bay), and the whole hockey community is buzzing about this. It’s embarrassing.

    The fact that the comments were about Semin, and whether or not they were true is irrelevant. Saying those things in a public forum was tacky and unprofessional, and a disgrace to the organization. I think was the point of the letter to Ted, and I truly hope that the problem is addressed behind closed doors as he said it would be.

  • B

    That’s a lot of words from Ted. Then again it is the offseason and the venomous emails about yet another early playoff exit have probably settled down by now.

  • @FedFedRMNB

    >>> The problem is that when former players (and former employees, and current players) air the Caps’ dirty laundry in public, it creates the image of a team divided

    But maybe it is? Why are we fighting the symptoms instead of fighting the problem? The fact that four players said something on Y radio or in Z newspaper means that maybe it’s really a problem? Maybe instead of trying to shut them up management needs to do something (see: trades) and shut them up by that? If you have a need saying that you don’t won’t remove it; you need to address it.

    • michelle

      Address what though?? None of the people making these comments about Semin will give an example of why they think he doesn’t care or wants to be back in Russia….

      They are just making blanket statements…. and since the majority are no longer part of the Capitals org… they come off as having an ax to grind.

      • @FedFedRMNB

        Address the fact that four players (I’m pretty sure Laich meant Semin when talked attitude in June) are thinking Semin doesn’t give it all. Your best players should be your best players and most commited players… If they aren’t, trade them. That’s waht we need to address and how to do it.

  • a salient point by FedFed. if the house is divided (and I believe that divided might be too strong, but fractured maybe), there should be discussion about it and an eventual resolution.

    as i pointed out in my post about this the other day, I don’t think Sasha does himself any favors, either with the press or with his teammates, hiding behind the laguage barrier. it’s easy to make comments about someone that won’t defend himself.

    • michelle

      Agreed. Sasha does no favors for himself with the “language barrier”… IMO i think he feels he got burned bad once.. and just doesn’t want to go there again. but I can accept it and move on.

  • Diane

    I know nothing about hockey or the Caps, however I do feel very skilled at reading between the lines. I think he is saying that your boy Semin is an asshole in “real life”. He stated all the reasons why he is a good player, but no reason why he is a good teammate. I also think the last few sentences are very telling, “we need ALL (emphasis mine) our players focused on that goal.”

    • michelle

      You are no longer allowed in my house.

    • AB

      Interesting point about reading between the lines and the fact Ted says nothing about Semin being a good person. Carlson, Alzner, Knuble all defended Knuble by saying he was a good guy. I guess Ted doesn’t feel the same way.

      Ted also is lying about refraining from discussing former players. He said some bad things about Varly on his blog, implied that he was afraid to compete and didn’t want to be part of a great team. That was after posting about Varly’s trade is such a way that he came across very upset because he wouldn’t refer to Varly by name and just called him The Player (reminded me of Bill Parcells with T.O.) I think Ted should keep to his policy and not do stuff like that, it’s petty and beneath him.

  • Jenna

    Trade Semin if you think he’s the problem. 29 other teams would love to have him. But then the Caps will have a bigger problem: exactly one line who can score, which means only one target for opponents to shutdown. Oh and they’d have another problem – they’d no longer have a convenient scapegoat at which to point fingers in an attempt to divert attention from their own shortcomings, inadequacies, and failures.

    • @FedFedRMNB

      If 29 other teams “would love” to get him, the price should be high enough to get something good enough in return, maybe two good players, shouldn’t it?
      The problem is that nobody wants players with Semin’s attitude, no matter how good those players are…
      I think if we can get a return Penner attracted last year (and yes that was an overpayment by the Kings) we should be grateful that somebody takes him. But I think by now, it’s already too late…

  • Jeremy

    Ah Ted………. the world’s best owner. How that Mystics season coming Ted?

  • SeminIsGreat

    Ted’s words: “Semin is highly regarded”. If you are not a good person, you are not highly regarded. I think some perspective is in order…U.S. sports fans put up daily with sports players who wave guns around in the locker room, shoot and kill people in bars, abuse wifes and girlfriends, kill dozens of dogs for pleasure, run and use drugs, etc., etc., etc., and people think a Russian hockey player who may take some shifts off and who sometimes takes stick penalities in the offensive zone has a character problem! The Caps probably wouldn’t have even made the playoffs last year without Semin’s play and certainly wouldn’t have made it through the first round of the playoffs! I’ll take the Russian please.

    • @FedFedRMNB

      I don’t care about “personality” and bla bla bla, but guy should give it all on the ice. If he doesn’t do well what he’s paid for, ok, that says much more about his personality than anything else.

  • Kaiser

    Semin is trash and always has been. he has NHL allstar skills and 2nd grade kickball heart.
    anyone that doesnt think teammates calling you out on something like that isnt a big deal is either stupid, or so far up semin’s ass that theyre looking through the same pair of rose colored glasses.

  • hi

    It’s amazing.
    keep posting

  • SeminIsGreat

    Bla Bla Bla. Last I noticed, Ted signs the players’ paychecks. If he thinks Semin is highly valuable and highly regarded, that’s good enough for me. I notice that he is no longer signing Bradley’s or Steckle’s paychecks but is still signing Semin’s paychecks. That tells you something about how highly valued Bradley and Steckle were to the team.

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