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An Open Letter to Ted Leonsis.

dateThu, Sep 1, 2011 at 2:00 PM
subject: Former Caps Employees Slamming Alex Semin

Hello Ted -

I hope you are having a good summer.

I am writing today, because I am getting increasingly frustrated by a situation within the Washington Capitals that I feel is escalating quickly out of control.  I thought it began a few weeks ago when Matt Bradley made some comments to a Canadian Radio station  that was asking about why the Capitals don’t do well in the playoffs, where he stated that he wasn’t going to name any names, but then went on to call out Alex Semin and state that “He just doesn’t care” and “wishes he was back in Russia”.  Bradley offered no examples of what led him to these conclusions.  

I do not believe these statements.  I feel Semin cares very much and if he wanted to be playing in the KHL, he would be playing in the KHL.  I was sitting 4 rows from the glass when Alex Semin scored the OT GWG against the New York Rangers in Game 1 last spring and he had a complete look of joy on his face… I am sure you  have seen the pictures that captured it.  I was also lucky enough to be able to travel to Tampa for games 3 and 4 of the Caps series with them… and Alex Semin was playing just as hard as Alex Ovechkin.  Alexander Semin had 4 goals and 2 assists in this past season’s playoffs, and 4 Hat Trick last season.  Those stats don’t seem to fit a player that doesn’t want to be here.

Not to be left out, yesterday David Steckel, who was doing on ice workouts at Kettler, was asked about Bradley’s comments and he said that Bradley was “spot on”. Not to be outdone, Mike Green spoke to another Canadian media outlet and stated the following:  “We know as an organization what Semin is about. He’s one of the best players skill-wise in the NHL. Again, it goes back to everyone being back on the same page. I feel that if you’re not going to be committed this year, you’re not going to fit in with our team. I think that’s important that we address that and Matt Bradley definitely brought it out in the media. It’ll be dealt with when we get back for the season.”

Um what? Now Alex Semin doesn’t fit in with the Caps?? Since when?  Do his Hat Tricks  and other goals not fit in with the Caps??  Maybe I don’t fit in with Caps? Should I start wishing that Alex Semin is traded to a new team that I can fit in with…. I’m sure any team in the NHL would be happy to collect my disposable income that I currently allocate for the Washington Capitals, but I am starting to question whether the Caps want it anymore…. since I MAY NOT FIT IN WITH THEM.

Perhaps the Caps should offer the players tips on addressing the media, if an existing player (aka Mike Green) is going to comment on a situation with another teammate, so as not to make the Caps look like there is discord in the locker room or appear like the laughing stock of the league. (Though to be fair loyal soldiers Karl Alzner and John Carlson did defend Semin, stating that Semin does care, and they see things that others do not). Also its interesting to note that when Jason Arnott showed up he made a point to get to know Alex Semin and they seemed to have some good chemistry going Arnott even went so far as to say “I just don’t know if guys took the time enough to talk to him enough and make him feel a part of everything”… I don’t believe Arnott has ever made comments like “Semin doesn’t care” or “Semin wishes he was back in Russia”.

Oh, and why did I say I thought this situation began a few weeks ago? Because thinking back I came to the realization that it actually started during the playoffs when your former employee Nate Ewell started slamming Semin openly on Twitter.  He did it in game 3 against Tampa (don’t have that one saved… sorry)

But then he did it again during the SCF….  http://twitter.com/#!/nateewell/status/79374967191511040 
“Van fans should be apologetically cheering: “we wish it was someone else, but nice goal!” Like when Semin scores.”

Excuse me?  I cheer at Verizon when Semin scores because he is my favorite player… and I never wish it was someone else… and I’m betting the half ton of others wearing Semin jerseys aren’t wishing it was someone else either.

Perhaps people should stop asking “Does Semin Care?” and start asking what’s going on in the Caps organization that has everyone trashing one person as soon as they aren’t an employee of said organization anymore.

Thanks for reading…

Yes I emailed this to Ted’s Caps AOL Address, this afternoon, I will update If I get a response. Special Thanks to Jenna for proofreading and offering additional edits :)

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