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Review: ZPizza

Continuing my journey of eating my way through Chinatown/Penn Quarter…. Next on the list….


Honestly the only eatery I miss from SW DC is Pizza Autentica… nice place to get a slice o’cheese.

So 2 weeks ago I started searching the area for a place where I could pick up a slice of cheese pizza.And I wasn’t having any luck finding one (So Pizza Autentica…. please open a location near Metro Center!)

But I did come across ZPizza on H St NW. They didn’t advertise that they sold pizza by the slice on their website (at least that I could see). But they did have online ordering! Score!

So I ordered a Greek Pizza (individual size) – and walked over 15 minutes later to pick it up :D

It was ready and waiting for me…. and while I paid, I noticed that they did sell pizza by the slice…. Note for next time.

Anyway… back to my Greek Pizza – feta, mozzarella, red onions, Greek olives, fresh rounds of tomatoes, oregano .

The crust was thin and crispy, and the Feta and Olives were great (though I encountered one pit). Overall a good choice for lunch. And they weren’t very busy. I wonder if people don’t know they are located ther? Its kind of hidden away……..

Anyway I’ll be back… for my slice o’cheese in the future.

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