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Review: Busboys & Poets

Another restaurant in the Hyattsville Arts District has opened.  This time its a member of regional DC chain Busboys &  Poets…. All (most?) of Cheverly rejoices :-)

Busboys serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during the week, and Brunch/Dinner on the weekends.  This is huge.  They also have a full bar.

A few friends and I went 2 weekends ago, hoping to try Brunch, but since they were still getting up to speed with just opening Brunch was offered, just regular lunch.  (As of now…. Full Service including Brunch and Breakfast is now being served).

The dining area is HUGE…. with what appeared to be a private back room, a long bar, and an area with oversized couches.

The menu is pretty large…. sandwiches, salads, pizzas, burgers coffee, desserts, etc…. I decided to go with the Chicken Salad  – chicken mixed with apples, raisins, and walnuts; served with avocado, LTO on challah bread (minus LTO…. though they forgot to remove the LTO…. it was easily picked off).  With a side of Sweet Potato fries. 

Chicken Salad was awesome….. and loved the pickle (though I wish it had been on the side and not the top…. due to my “food touching” issues :P).  Sweet potato fries were different, but good.

Can’t wait to go back for brunch and actual dinner…. since they have Shrimp and Grits on the menu. 

If  the Arts complex got a Starbucks….. I would be over the moon…. and if a Starbucks ever opened in Cheverly proper my life would be complete. 

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