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Apple waited too long......


Back in January it was FINALLY confirmed that Verizon was getting …. the iPhone.  And I was excited.  Really.  I was.  I had waited what 4 years for this?

I’m eligible for my New Every Two Upgrade on April 19.  And while I wait… I was debating the Droid 2 Global by Motorola along with the iPhone.  But now there is speculation that the iPhone 5 is coming in July… So I was really leaning towards the Droid (didn’t want to buy something just before it gets updated).

Until this weekend.  I saw a tweet from someone about the new HTC Thunderbolt.  The Thunderbolt is a mobile hotspot and lets you connect up to 8 devices to it via WiFi.


I will be able to connect my iPad to the Thunderbolt and say farewell to my monthly dataplan for the iPad (and the crappy AT&T data service that comes with it).

2 comments to Apple waited too long……

  • I’m waiting for my “new every 2″ to be up in May, but I will get an iPhone, mostly because I already own a ton of apps and don’t want to buy new ones.

    That said, I hear good things about the HTC Thunderbolt.

    • michelle

      Cool. I don’t have that many apps that cost $$$) so it doesn’t really matter…

      and the ones that did I can still use on my iPad or iPod Touch :)

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