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Review: FroZenYo

Its no secret I love me some PinkBerry…. I make sure to swing by the one in Koreatown/NYC whenever I am in NYC to see Pearl Jam, since its just down the block from MSG.

So my friend C has been telling me about FroZenYo, since I our last trip to NYC.  I was skeptical, but curious.  Self-serve FroYo…. really?  I know that based on the sporting events and concerts I’ve been to, people can’t even handle self serve Mustard and Ketchup without creating a huge mess….

So last Sunday after the Caps game, as we were headed to Metro Center we somehow started talking about FroZenYo, and decided to stop in.

You walk in and one wall is lined with dispensers like you see in McDonalds for Ice Cream/Shakes…. with all the flavors attached.  All were clean and mess free…. wow!   Then their is a topping bar just before the cashier.

So I grabbed the cup (1 size only you pay by the ounce/lb)… and set off on my FroYo adverture

I mixed cheesecake and dolche de leche, added some blackberries, coconut, heath bar crunch, and cherries…. YUM!  It was good but I do wish they had a Tart/Tangy FroYo flavor to choose from (This is why PinkBerry wins… IMO)

However… I would love for a location to open in SW DC!

FroZenYo Downtown on Urbanspoon

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