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Cheverly Metro closes for the Weekend. World does not end.

Remember last spring?  When WMATA floated some suggestions to help bridge their budget problems, and one of the suggestions was to close the Cheverly Metro on weekends?

It’s my opinion that the freak-out that occured after the announcement was overkill, but whatever.  Imagine my surprise then when it was announced that the Entire Orange line would be Shutdown Friday Nov 5 10pm – Monday Nov 8 8am…. and…. *crickets*


How could Cheverly function without a Metro for an entire weekend???

Now I admit I was annoyed because if I wanted to go to the Caps game on Friday, I would have had to have driven to a green line station in the AM.  I didn’t want to, so I just sucked it up… and didn’t even complain (too much) when I ended up missing the awesomeness that led to Locker doing this….
Come Sunday I was ready for more in person CAPS Hockey…. So I put on my “I’m an Adult” hat (along with Sasha Minor Jersey), plugged the address for the West Hyattsville Metro into my GPS and drove there.  Actually it was good that the closure forced me to explore more of the area around my new-ish to me neighborhood.

Caps won!  Sasha scored! Found a new bar to Pre-Game in Chinatown!  Had Sushi!


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