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Review: Gordon Biersch Brewery

Shortly after the Caps/Bruins game last Tuesday, my friend C and I decided that we would try to get tickets to the Atlanta game on Saturday.  She was confident that we could get below face tickets off of Craigslist, I was skeptical due to Weekend Game, Same Division Foe, and last game at home for a week.  So we made backup plans to hit Gordon Biersch for dinner and than watch the game at a bar.

Craigslist was a bust before we each departed for Chinatown, but since we arrived at Gordon Biersch later than planned, it was packed…. so we moved onto plan B.  C’s office is right across from the Verizon Center, so we went in and checked Craigslist again. Made a few offers….. and score…. LL tickets right behind the net where the Caps shoot twice……… for about $40 less than face …..Woohoo!

Sasha Minor scored a hattie, and the Caps won in OT!! Great game!!! (I suspect I’ll be back :P)

So we headed back to Gordon Biersch……… along with a good number of other Caps fan…..

Seated right away… I ordered the Seafood Cobb Salad  -  shrimp and crab over a traditional Cobb salad, minus Egg.

Yum!  It was awesome…. Look at those huge hunks of Avocado!

If you are more of a meat person (and who doesn’t love a good hamburger)…..I recommend the Mushroom Swiss Burger  – with sautéed mushrooms and melted  swiss cheese!  I had it on a previous visit and OMG it was cooked perfect, and the Garlic Fries were awesome too!

Best Burger...... EVER!!!!

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