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Sasha Semin IS DC!

Express Night Out is having their Best of 2010 competition….and the nominees are a host of all the usual suspects….but you can also Write-In a candidate ……and I thought who better than Alexander Semin #28 for the Washington Capitals! Why?  Well here are 5 examples  of how Sasha Minor embodies DC….. and why you should write him in for Best Local Athlete!

1)Who in DC doesn’t trip and fall when walking down the street?  Cobblestones in Georgetown, loose tiles on the metro platforms, running down escalators in at the Metro Stations (if they work ;) )  I personally stumble at least once a week (though some of that may be due to my to my love of high heels….
Semin falls too….

2) Ever been stuck on a Metro train…. and wanted out??

Yeah….. Sasha’s been there too :P

3) You probably speak english…… and so does Semin (start at about the 2:07 mark)

4)Many in DC volunteer in their local community….. and so does Semin :)

5) This is the athlete part……. look at that Wrist Shot!!!!

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