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Review: Cafe Asia

A friend of mine has been raving about the fried callamari at Cafe Asia for what feels like years…

And I finally made my way to the Cafe Asia location in Downtonw DC on I St NW.
I must admit I was not impressed after I walked in.  Very bare decor which isn’t bad but it was also way white and almost clinical in nature. 

Sat at the small bar on the lower level and ordered some Stella Artois (YAY for Happy hour prices!)  Sushi on special happy hour prices… so I ordered some of that too  (Yellowtail and Spicy Fresh Crab Roll) !

OMG! Forget the decor the sushi was awesome…. even better than Asian Spice!
I tried some callamari… it didn’t WOW me.. but it was good.

Be warned …. its Unisex bathrooms, but they were clean, so whatever….

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1 comment to Review: Cafe Asia

  • I’ve been to the Cafe Asia in Rosslyn and found the food to be excellent. Decor seems to be better than what you described at the DC location. For my part, I can put up with a lot of substandard decor if the sushi is good…

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