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Not Complete #42- Install Programmable thermostat

A few weeks ago I enrolled in Pepco’s Energy Wise Rewards program.  Basically there are two options…1) you can choose to have a programmable thermostat installed to cycle the AC or 2) choose to have a small device installed directly on the outside AC unit which will force the cycle.

I went with option 1.  Today the Pepco  installation person arrived.  First he asked to see the Thermostat, then the outside AC unit, then the furnace.  After seeing the thermostat…. the heavy sighing began.  It only got worse after going outside.  I knew this wasn’t looking good.  Then after seeing the furnace he told me that the transformer on my furnace would cause the thermostat to blow and vice versa.  So it couldn’t be installed.  He did offer that the small device could be installed on the outside AC unit.

I declined however, because a co-worker who does HVAC work on the side told me that the devices installed directly on the AC units cause the AC units to die faster than normal, and since my AC unit is relatively new for my house (only about 3 years old!) I don’t want to have to replace it any sooner than I need to, with all the other work I need to do. Also, I suspect the actual furnace will need to be replaced sooner than later and that will take care of the transformer issue.

4 comments to Not Complete #42- Install Programmable thermostat

  • Robin

    My instinct is to call bullshit on Pepco, but I’ll inquire with my contractor (he and I are BFFs these days with all the work on my new property) to see if there’s any truth to this.

  • michelle

    Oh yeah… I forgot you needed to replace the AC!

    I’m gonna ask the guy I work with too… it may have been they were trying to steer me to the outside device (though i have heard if you “know” what you are doing its not that hard to replace a thermostat – i actually looked into doing it when i was still in my condo)…. but i didn’t want to take any chances!

  • mom

    We have had the outside device on our previous outside unit for many years and never had a problem and when we got the new unit BGE never mentioned a difference when they offered programable thermostat or device. Went with device cause programable doesnot make sense on heatpump

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