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I need a list!

After I first moved in to my old-but-new-to-me house last summer I busted out of the gate pretty quickly with picking and getting my first major project completed (replacing all the windows and venting the clothes dryer to the outside). 

With the help of my parents and my awesome lopper, I got some major yard work taken care of- complete with my first (and hopefully last) case of poison ivy. 

I fixed a leak in the basement (well I didn’t fix it… I paid someone to fix it :)).

And I had the fireplace converted to gas (well actually my parents did… housewarming/birthday/xmas gift combo).

I moved in June.  All of the above was completed by late October I believe. 

Next on my list was to paint the upstairs bathroom.  I went and bought all of the supplies… on one of the Snow Days right before Xmas… but didn’t start painting because I didn’t want to start and run into a problem where I needed to go out and wasn’t able to due to the weather (This is all mainly linked to problems I might encounter from having to remove a painted over heat register – I am nervous about prying it off the wall without causing much damage).  And so the supplies sit where I left them last December.

I have a list of projects I want to do.  But I am having a hard time prioritizing.
I want to either paint or replace the siding.  Can’t decide which…just when I think I have made a decision I change my mind.  The gutters and downspouts all need to be replaced, but that shouldn’t be done until I get the siding situated.  I want to remove the metal awning over the front porch and build a proper portico, then replace all the main entry doors. I also need to do some re-grading on one side of the house and I think build a small retaining wall on one side of the driveway, so I don’t need to mow one part of the lawn on a very steep (for me) angle – seriously I think I am going to fall and get mowed over one of these days :P

I did make some progress this past weekend… I bought some plastic shelves and straightened up the garage.  Now I need to look into running power to the garage and replacing the garage doors… so I can finally start parking my car inside :)


I also have some minor projects like install a programmable thermostat (Pepco is coming next week to do that… for FREE!! :D), install a garbage disposal, and paint the kitchen.  Oh… and I want a new sofa.

I hope I win the lottery! :D

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